ID Time Asset Cost Trade
1 2019-01-29 16:02:00 McShea Enterprises 1200.00 0
2 2020-11-29 16:08:00 Digital Media Leases 249.95 1
3 2019-01-01 19:57:00 Web Design 14.95 1
4 2019-01-01 19:58:00 Data Entry 5.25 1
5 2019-01-01 19:58:00 Search Engine Optimization 24.95 1
6 2019-12-01 19:59:00 PHP Programming 19.95 1

On this page users may find a vast list of services provided by McShea Enterprises.  We are currently an active web firm looking to incorporate in the somewhat distant future.  If you would like to become an affiliate to receive referrals from McShea Enterprises, please submit your goods or services into our database and we will refer to you in the somewhat distant future.  We value our clients and affiliates.  We would like to welcome you to our dynamic website.  Feel free to fill out the contact form or apply for referrals through our submission engine.  We will quickly reach out to you and bring you into our team.

If you are looking for a service you cannot find.  Please contact our technical support and we will help you locate a provider that can help you with your task.  Currently we are working to fulfill our clients goals.  If there is something we can help you with, please feel free to contact us through the centralized form and we will reach out to you shortly.

While our services may seem limited, we would like to take the time to inform our clients that we are looking for solid growth.  The goal of McShea Enterprises was to continue a company of no limitations.  In the somewhat distant future we are looking to provide services from online design to industrial task.  If you are looking to provide your service for minimum fare, submit your information into our dynamic database and we will refer to you when we receive information regarding a task that requires your labor.


M. B. McShea