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Our product of choice at McShea Enterprises is our exchange. We are working hard to produce an open market where users can capital from the exchange of goods and services between eachother. If you are interested in our exchange rates, contact our technical team and we will supply you with the necessary information.

In the beginning of constructing McShea Enterprises, I was trying to create the largest scale model that could come to mind. I wanted to utilize our time and money to create a large scale capital motion across the world wide web. We began to program financial applications in hope that we would be able to achieve monetary databases.

Over several months we have been able to achieve some simplified models of what we refer to as the “Ban”. In general the “Ban” was a large scale simplified banking model that was intended to generate the most profit. We knew that the most capital progressed across the world in the forms of currency and we wanted to actively invest in currency rates.

Buy and sell.

Users can spectate the acts of the program on the home page. We are creating a dynamic model where users can actively trade within.

The product we chose to support the system with was an exchange rate.

In the somewhat distant future we will conduct the science to develop more statistics. We hope to achieve a large solid simplified model that generates the most revenue as a system. We believe we can, and would like to thank you for your time and considerations.

M. B. McShea